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July 2008

Comet Daily » Blog Archive » Independence Day: HTML5 WebSocket Liberates Comet From Hacks

by ghis (via)
A recent set of HTML5 discussions are changing the course of Comet

June 2008

Comet Daily » Blog Archive » The Future of Comet: Part 2, HTML 5’s Server-Sent Events

by greut

Comet doesn’t have to be a hack. Currently, as we saw last time, Comet relies on undocumented loopholes and workarounds, each one with some drawbacks. We can make Comet work effectively in every browser, using streaming transports on subdomains of the same second-level domain, or using script tag long polling across domains. But this leaves Comet developers implementing (and more frustratingly, debugging) several transports across several browsers. Traps are numerous and easy to stumble into.

event-source is the future of all Comet things.

October 2006

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