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College Radio Day | October 2nd, 2012

by garret
College Radio Day: "The day we all come together". Links to lots of stations around the world.


Dusted Magazine | Charts

by garret
Contributing Stations Asheville FM, CFRU, CFUV, CHIRP, CHUO, CITR, CJSF, CJSW, CKUT, KALX, KBGA, KBOO, KCPR, KDVS, KFJC, KPSU, KSPC, KTRU, KUCI, KUOI, KUOM, KVRX, KXLU, KZSU, WCBN, WDCE, WFMU, WHPK, WLUW, WMBR, WNCW, WNYU, WPRB, WRAS, WRFL, WRRG, WRUV, WTJU, WUNH, WUSB, WVFS, WXDU. The Dusted charts are compiled from charts taken from a somewhat exclusive collection of the finest college and independent radio stations in North America. Individual stations are not weighted and each chart is of equal value. However, albums that appear on multiple charts are weighted accordingly. For more information about the charts or if you are interested in submitting your station’s charts, feel free to e-mail us at A guide to being a college radio music director can be found here.

2010 the best college radio stations | Map (78 stations as of 11-3-2010)

by garret
Selection criteria: • Must be non-commercial • Must be affiliated with a college/university and be (mostly) student run • Must have a full schedule of freeform programming • Must broadcast a live, high-quality .mp3 or .ogg stream On a Mac? Here's how to load all 78 stations in iTunes 1. Click on the link: download the full playlist 2. Save the m3u file to the desktop 3. In iTunes: click on the plus sign to create a new playlist (name it whatever you like) 4. Drag the m3u file to itunes


Good | Radio Station Map (plus Jukebox and Database versions)

by garret
"A Google map plotting all the best college and non-commercial radio stations using the actual GPS coordinates of their transmitters as listed in the dreaded FCC database. Right-click a station (the tower icon, not the label) to stream it directly, or left-click to see a bubble with a bunch of info including studio phone number, online archives, homepage, etc., and zoom all the way in to see the transmitter antenna."

chumby | college radio tuner (flash widget) | 84 stations

by garret
A tuner for college and community radio stations. The stations are from so should stay reasonably up to date. Touch the sides of the screen for next and previous channel. After some testing it seems that Widgets, since they must use Flash for streaming, aren't the most reliable way to stream radio. If you like this widget you might go to for a version that runs off a thumbdrive and is much more reliable.

WMBR 88.1 FM Radio Show | Nonstop Ecstatic Screaming

by garret
Two hours of sound designed to split your skull open, break your brain, and pop your funk. Bloopity bits and bobs, plinkety plonk, drone, skronk, assorted noise, a bumping beat here and there, etc.

College Radio Woodie Award | 2009 Nominees

by garret
The winner will be announced on on November 18th 2009


WMSE 91.7FM | Frontier Radio

by garret
"91.7 WMSE-FM is a non-profit, listener-supported radio service educationally licensed to the Milwaukee School of Engineering."


by garret
Playable archives (June 10, 2005 to July 27, 2007) of Dave Kusick's radio show on KPSU before its name was changed to That Sound. Visit for recent shows or to subscribe to a podcast.

RadioWave | streaming radio schedule aggregator

by garret
"RadioWave aggregates schedules for different radio stations (currently 40 stations) to allow listeners to browse all shows across stations by day or hour. Stations format their schedules differently and those schedules are often difficult to navigate. RadioWave gathers the information in one place and with a single, simple formatting scheme. The RadioWave server stores future schedules (normalized to GMT) as they are available. The RadioWave site is organized under the following tabs: 1. The By Hour tab displays the schedule for streaming stations listed by hour and day. 2. The By Station tab displays the schedule for streaming stations list by station. 3. The By Person tab displays a catalogue of streaming and downloadable files listed by person. 4. The Files tab displays a catalogue of downloadable files listed by Web site. 5. The Search tab presents a search form to search streaming stations and downloadable files.

WarpRadio | radio portal

by garret
"We host the most complete Internet listing of all radio stations in the United States. The company developed this portal with extensive search capabilities that are so easy-to-use; anyone can find any station in America."

Country Standard Time: Internet radio comes through all across the universe – January 2007

by garret
This article mentions numerous radio shows that play "Country rock, alt.-country, rockabilly, bluegrass, Cajun, western swing, honky tonk, hillbilly and basically any other form of twang that exists are all well represented on these shows".

iheard | Radio Stations

by garret & 3 others
Radio stations organized by genre, country, and language and popularity. Station descriptions include a link for tuning in.


KPSU | Archives

by garret
Radio show archives. Shows can be paused, which is great for listening at work.

Indie Friendly Radio Database

by garret
Indie-Friendly Radio Database is a database of "indie-friendly" radio stations. "Indie-friendly" means they accept and play unsolicited music from independent artists, small labels, et cetera." Categories: college, community, high-school, commercial, public radio, indie, other.


CKDU 88.1 FM | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | College Radio

by garret
"CKDU-FM is Halifax's only FM campus-community radio station. We are a volunteer-run 3200 watt station that broadcasts 24 hours, 365 days of the year, from Dalhousie University to the metro Halifax area. We are licensed to be a radio alternative to public (CBC) and commercial radio. CKDU-FM has been broadcasting as an FM station since 1985."

Wikipedia | List of campus radio stations

by garret
Student ran stations from: Australia, Canada, France, India, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, United Kingdom, and the United States.

WPRB 103.3 FM | Princeton University | College Radio

by garret
The student ran radio station of Princeton University. "WPRB broadcasts classical in the morning and jazz in the late-morning and early afternoon. Our eclectic rock-format shows run from early afternoon until the station closes."

KANM 1690 AM | Texas A&M University | College Radio

by garret
"Our DJs have weekly shows with free-form formats consisting of indie rock and pop, emo and post punk, punk, hip hop, alternative, metal, electronica, jazz, world, blues, folk, talk, and more." KANM also has a great auto-dj (Billy the Auto-DJ). Playlist information is available.

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