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Usher · Personal movie assistant

by sbrothier
Wouldn't it be great if there were a tool that could manage your videos and movies as well as Apple's iTunes and iPhoto manage your music and your photographs? Now there is. Meet Usher, your personal movie assistant.

Manage your Video Collection with iTunes | iFlicks

by sbrothier
Using iFlicks you can easily import your Video Collection into iTunes. This gives you the ability to watch your Videos directly in iTunes or transfer them to your iPad, iPod or iPhone. On top of that iFlicks downloads Metadata for your Videos and lets you tweak the Metadata manually. Managing your Video Collection in iTunes has never been this easy.


Welcome to Chaotic Software

by sbrothier & 2 others
A collection of powerful tools for media enthusiasts with a Macintosh using Mac OS X. Media Rage can read and write information stored in MP3, AAC/MP4, FLAC, AIFF, WAVE, BWF, and Ogg Vorbis audio files as well as EXIF (read only) tags in digital images. Media Rage can assist you in cataloging, organizing, sorting, and updating thousands of audio files with ease.


Delicious Library

by sbrothier & 37 others
Catalog, browse, and share all your books, movies, music, and video games with Delicious Library.

A Social Bookmarking Online Web Tool.

by golem667
There is a private and public section, it's simple to use, and much more.


Ecoutez et gérez votre collection musicale avec MusikCube

by thebloom
MusikCube est un lecteur audio open source léger et pratique, capable de gérer votre collection musicale aisément et qui comprend plusieurs fonctions intéressantes : - prise en charge des formats MP3,OGG, FLAC, Monkey's Audio, et des CD audio - gestion de base de données de vos fichiers audio - gestion des tags - organisation possible soit par artiste, soit par album - création de listes de lecture - possibilité d'écouter les radios sur internet - extraction des morceaux d'un CD Audio - ajout possible de plugins - fonction pour renommer les fichiers audio - skins

by ycc2106 & 5 others
(alpha) collection of [media] [books] [dvds] [music] [games] disscussion feature to come

by ycc2106 & 14 others
Collaborative people search with bookmarking and tagging

Welcome - TheOpenCD

by tinyirishdancer & 2 others
TheOpenCD is a collection of high quality Free and Open Source Software. The programs run in Windows and cover the most common tasks such as word processing, presentations, e-mail, web browsing, web design, and image manipulation

Freeware Home - Ultimate Collection of Free Software

by tinyirishdancer & 5 others
Freeware Home is an indexed collection of FREE programs commonly found on the Internet around the globe that match the following definitions: → freeware - Free software, often written by enthusiasts and distributed by users' groups, or via electronic mail, local bulletin boards, Usenet, or other electronic media. → open source - Term appeared in March 1998 following the Mozilla release to describe software distributed in source under licenses guaranteeing anybody rights to freely use, modify, and redistribute, the code. → shareware is NOT free. There is one form of shareware ($0 shareware) that is free for non-commercial use. It meets our definition of Freeware for individuals and is included in our collection.


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