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Arago: People, Postage & the Post

by sbrothier
The online database of the National Postal Museum, Arago™, was named in honor of the French physicist, astronomer and politician, François Arago (1786-1853). A friend of James Smithson (benefactor of the Smithsonian Institution), Arago believed that science and available technologies should be used to advance public knowledge and improve everyday life. Renowned as a scientist, he was also a humanitarian who used his political roles to introduce social reforms – the abolition of slavery, universal manhood suffrage, and the education of the lower classes – not only in France but also in its colonial possessions.

OldLiquors : World's largest private collection

by sbrothier
Exclusive and private Old Liquors Collection of 250 years old cognac, armagnac and other old liquors

The Uncataloged Museum

by sbrothier
A somewhat random (hence uncataloged) collection of thoughts about the work of museums (particularly history museums): what our work means to those of us who work in them, what our audiences might be thinking about, and the place that history museums occupy in today's culture.


Neon Graveyard

by sbrothier & 1 other
There is an awesome museum in Vegas that collects all the old neon signs that have been decommissioned. Here's a link to their site.



by sbrothier
fast food in the 70's, Jack in the Box, Pup n Taco, Burger Chef, etc.


PÉTROLE HAHN Pour l'entretien, l'Hygiène, et la santé des cheveux

by sbrothier & 1 other
Tout commence en 1885, le Dr Charles Hahn, pharmacien à Genève, apprit par la lecture d'un journal américain que les ouvriers qui travaillaient dans les puits de pétrole en Alaska, avaient remarqué que leurs bras présentaient une pilosité supérieure à la normale.

The American Package Museum

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
The primary objective of this website is to preserve and display specimens of American package design from the early decades of the 20th Century. The secondary objective is to establish a community for those interested in such an endeavor.

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