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by gregg
The core platform is built on the premise that gathering crisis information from the general public provides new insights into events happening in near real-time.


This Exquisite Forest

by gregg & 1 other
Online collaborative art project that lets users create short animations that build off one another as they explore a specific theme. The result is a collection of branching narratives resembling trees.

agile approach | Moving Forward with Open Atrium 2.0

by holyver
Open Atrium has long been the go-to "Intranet in a box" distribution for Drupal 6.  Obviously, Drupal 6 is nearing it's official "end of life" and something needed to be done with Open Atrium.  The question for the past year has been: "What exactly should be done?"  Should we just port the existing modules to D7?  Should we just leap-frog to Drupal 8?  What about new functionality?  What about improving existing functionality?  How do we make Open Atrium more accessible to more types of users?  How do we take advantage of new Drupal 7 components?


by gregg
HitRecord (stylized as hitRECord) is an online collaborative production company founded and owned by actor and director Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The production company uses video, music, literature, photography, performance, spoken word, screenwriting, graphic art, etc. from different artists around the world to make various projects and workings such as short films, books, and DVDs



by gregg
A COLLABORATIVE DOCUMENTARY PROJECT ABOUT THE REVOLUTIONWe believe that the strongest stories are those told together. Pick a moment that matters to you and tell its story together


SparkleShare, un Dropbox en logiciel libre

by nhoizey
Disponible d'abord sur Linux, puis ultérieurement sur Mac OS X et Windows, SparkleShare permet d'installer son propre serveur en remplacement de Dropbox, et est basé notamment sur Git.

TakePart Social Action Network: Important Issues, Activism, Environmental, Human Rights, Political News

by gregg
Inform, Inspire, Act is an independent online community that connects its members directly to the issues that inspire them to engage, contribute and take action. Our team of editors, writers, and researchers curate and deliver actions in context with in-depth primers to the social, environmental, political and cultural issues of our day. Our growing global community includes citizens, activists, and large and small non-profits. We invite local and community groups to interact, explore issues, share resources, develop campaigns and use our platform to promote the causes they care most about.


by gregg
An Experiment In Interactive Collaboration

Shared folders : Folders - Google Docs Help

by parmentierf (via)
You can create shared folders if you'd like to share a group of related items.

Collaborative Journalism | Publish2

by gregg & 1 other
The Web’s largest newsroom: Journalists collaborate to curate the news.


UpShot: interactive communication tool for creative people

by gregg & 1 other
Impliquez tous les acteurs de votre projet de création graphique grâce à UpShot. Commentez, Validez et Gérez vos visuels. Cocréer est devenu facile et rapide.

MOSS 2007 vs. WSS - Sharepoint version comparison

by nhoizey
The most basic difference between the two solutions is the upfront investment. In short, WSS is free to most companies whereas MOSS requires a minimum of software purchases and sometimes requires a hardware purchase. Annotated link

The Complete Guide to Google Wave: How to Use Google Wave

by holyver & 1 other (via)
Google Wave is a new web-based collaboration tool that's notoriously difficult to understand. This guide will help. Here you'll learn how to use Google Wave to get things done with your group. Because Wave is such a new product that's evolving quickly, this guidebook is a work in progress that will update in concert with Wave as it grows and changes. Read more about The Complete Guide to Google Wave.