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by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
A mobile augmented reality browser : using the camera of the phone, it displays additonnal informations on the screen



26 Reasons What You Think is Right is Wrong

by benoit & 1 other

A cognitive bias is something that our minds commonly do to distort our own view of reality. Here are the 26 most studied and widely accepted cognitive biases.


Grand Text Auto » Computational Aesthetics Workshop at AAAI

by bcpbcp
Our aesthetic agency for beauty and emotion is one of the most celebrated bastions of humanity. If machines could understand and affect our perceptions of beauty and happiness, they could touch people's lives in fantastic new ways. Drawing variously from work in diverse fields such as psychology, cognitive science, and philosophy, recent applications of artificial intelligence have begun their foray into the computation of, inter alia, art, music, poetry, and affect. Both the theory and praxis of aesthetics by computational means are seeing rapid advances, and the time is ripe for thematic integration. Hence, this workshop will bring together AI theorists and practitioners across various realms in study and celebration of its central thematic, COMPUTATIONAL AESTHETICS.

2005 Books: Mind Hacks (Hacks)

by bcpbcp
Mind Hacks is a collection of probes into the moment-by-moment works of the brain. Using cognitive neuroscience, these experiments, tricks, and tips related to vision, motor skills, attention, cognition, subliminal perception, and more throw light on how the human brain works. Each "hack" examines specific operations of the brain.

A cognitive analysis of tagging

by bcpbcp & 17 others (via)
At the start, let me confess that I struggled with this topic. From my first encounter with tagging (on systems such as

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