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January 2006

Coffee Maker Vacuum

by dave76
Retrieve all the info related to coffee maker vacuum

Coffee And Tea Basket

by dave76
Research all the info related to coffee and tea basket

Angel Coffee Filter Make

by dave76
Browse the best about angel coffee filter make

Green Mountain Coffee Pod

by dave76
Research the best on green mountain coffee pod

Cleaning Coffee Machine

by dave76
Get everything you need on cleaning coffee machine

Coffee Leather Ottoman Round Table

by dave76
Read the latest on coffee leather ottoman round table

Mr Coffee Espresso

by dave76
Browse everything you need on mr coffee espresso


by yoshigi (via)
天母的咖啡廳 東西好吃 正妹正 設計師也帥

A Coder's Guide To Coffee

by micah (via)
As most software and creative professionals know, coffee is an important technology for boosting mental acuity and maintaining peak on-the-job performance. But did you also know that coffee can be a damn tasty beverage? It's true. All you need is the appropriate amount of disrespect for the mainstream coffee industry and a desire to enjoy a better beverage. So read on, and learn the secrets to great coffee.

Make Your Own Coffee Pods

by Busy Mom
Make your own Senseo coffee machine pods

December 2005

Bitter Brew

by imran
I opened a charming neighborhood coffee shop. Then it destroyed my life.

Latte Art 2005

by zboog & 3 others
Foto's Nederlands Kampioenschap - Etching voorbeelden

November 2005

..:: Global Exchange :: Fair Trade and Socially Conscious Gifts Online ::..

by sbrothier & 1 other
Our Online Store implements the principles of socially and economically responsible business by operating according to Fair Trade Criteria.

October 2005

Sur La Table - A Cook's Paradise: Coffee Espresso Tea / Coffee Grinders / Mills

by sbrothier
Elegant and masterful, with 16 clearly marked settings that can be pulsed, timed and fine-tuned for extra fine, fine, regular and coarse grinds. Commercial-grade conical burrs feature a high precision grinding mechanism. Housed in a heavy-duty body, the grinder’s 1000-watt gear motor is remarkably quiet. Bean container holds up to 8¾ ounces; lidded container holds 4 ounces of ground coffee. Cleaning brush and measuring scoop included.

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