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May 2007

Cafés Wi-Fi

by sbrothier & 1 other
Tous les hotspots WiFi gratuits de Paris

February 2007

Jos Coffee Blog » Jo’s Coffee South tour w Lisa and Tom

by springnet
Lisa and Tom take us on a video podcast walk through of Jo’s Coffee South in Austin, Texas Tom, Jo’s Assistant Manager and fixit guy, shows us the equipment and processes that keep Jo’s running. He talks about the history of the place and gives u

January 2007

Jo’s Coffee Blog

by springnet
Highly popular open air coffee house in the heart of Austin's "soco" (South Congress) district. Music events, movies, friendly folks, munchies.

September 2006

February 2006

Coffee shop WiFi for dummies

by micah (via)
The average user has no idea of the risks associated with public WiFi hotspots. Here are some very simple tips for them to keep their network access secure.

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