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May 2008

April 2008

rabbit-forms - Google Code

by jdrsantos
Rabbit Forms is a CRUD (Create Retrieve Update Delete) automate library. If you see, more than 80% of a system development is based on CRUD operations, Rabbit Forms is made to high speed up these process by providing a good and extensive library providing

simplypost - Google Code

by jdrsantos
SimplyPost is a php forum, that is still in very heavy development. The ultimate goal is to make it as user friendly as possible, without sacrificing anything else.

backendpro - Google Code

by jdrsantos
BackendPro is a control panel for developers written in PHP for the CodeIgniter framework. Its not like a CMS where it provides you with a full working system but it does provide you with part of a system.

January 2008

CodeExtinguisher - Tame your ignited code.

by jdrsantos
CodeExtinguisher is a plug-and-play application that drops into any CodeIgniter setup. It allows you to setup an administration section in record time, and with amazing flexibility. Take a look at the demo, and decide for yourself if your fire is out of h

December 2007

Home – Kohana: Swift, Secure, and Small PHP5 Framework

by jdrsantos
Kohana is a PHP5 framework that uses the Model View Controller architectural pattern. It aims to be secure, lightweight, and easy to use.

August 2007

May 2007

Wiki | CodeIgniter

by jdrsantos
This is a compilation of community contributed resources. Most of the text is stolen from other contributors wiki/CIForge/Derek Allard Blog/etc).

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