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June 2012

Text Mechanic - Text Manipulation Tools

by kathleen_vincent
Text Mechanic is a collection of free, online, browser-based, text manipulation tools.

Doom3 Source Code Review: Introduction

by sylvainulg & 1 other
gotta love that review of the code. Nicely done.

May 2012

Jérôme Radix Blog: Comment exécuter du code par projet dans Emacs

by sylvainulg
j'ai besoin de gérer une configuration particulière par projet, le terme projet correspondant ici à un ensemble cohérent de fichiers permettant de produire un certain nombre de livrables clairement identifiés (un peu comme le fichier build.xml pour Apache Ant). Dans Emacs, il existe quelques fonctions bien pratiques pour faire cela

April 2012

Joel B

by Ostrogo
L'auteur du script scrollparth

March 2012

Qualité logicielle : PHP et PostgreSQL plus propres que Linux

by astrochoupe
Le spécialiste américain du test logiciel Coverity a publié l'édition 2011 de son indice sur la qualité des codes Open Source. Le palmarès révèle d'importantes disparités.

February 2012 coupon code for February 2012

by alamat (via)
We are so excited about our win that we would like to offer your customers a 10% discount on any order submitted on our website using coupon cod

January 2012

JavaScript pattern and antipattern collection

by Spone & 1 other
A JavaScript pattern and antipattern code collection that covers function patterns, jQuery patterns, design patterns, general patterns, literals and constructor patterns, object creation patterns, code reuse patterns (upcoming), DOM and browser patterns (upcoming).

December 2011

TextMate Blog » TextMate 2.0 Alpha

by Xavier Lacot
Finally, Textmate2 made its way and is finally available as a public alpha version. Great and huge!

[Objective C] Hiring iPhone dev -

by oseres (via)
Transcovo.m //  Chauffeur-Privé //  Instead of searching for a cab, order a Chauffeur-Privé via our mobile app coupon code for December 2011

by alamat (via)
Happy Chrismanakwanzadan (yes, that’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Ramadan, and everything in between!) As the year end approaches make sure you renew and register your domain names before the VeriSign price increase come January 2012 (sad, we know). Get on top of your game and take advantage of these deals to save even more:

Crypter une adresse email

by p.fassier & 4 others
Coder les adresses email sur les pages web pour qu'elles soient indétectables par les logiciels d'extraction

November 2011 24 HR. CYBER MONDAY SALE!

by alamat (via)
Black Friday shopping crowds got you down? Enjoy this short but sweet sale from the comfort of your own home!

October 2011

Basic styling of `button` elements — result

by Spone
Well, button elements have historically been tricky to style, and though the situation is quite better now there are still a few quirks that need fixing. Here’s some boilerplate code that resets the browsers’ default styles for this element.

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