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[Objective C] Hiring iPhone dev -

by oseres (via)
Transcovo.m //  Chauffeur-Privé //  Instead of searching for a cab, order a Chauffeur-Privé via our mobile app

How to create a Tweetie-like pull to refresh table

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
A simple howto which shows how to create a Twitter-like refresh scrollview in javascript. Nifty!


Titanium Mobile TextMate Bundle « Appcelerator Developer Center

by Xavier Lacot
An excellent Titanium mobile Textmate bundle, which enhances the Titanium coding experience within Textmate.

Medallia Blog: Fun with the iPhone accelerometer

by kruty (via)
In your main application code files (myApp.h and myApp.m), just override the acceleratedInX method, like this: myApp.h: @interface myApp : UIApplication { } - (void)acceleratedInX:(float)xTilt Y:(float)yTilt Z:(float)zTilt; myApp.m: #import "myApp.h" @implementation myApp - (void)acceleratedInX:(float)xTilt Y:(float)yTilt Z:(float)zTilt { // do something with the tilt values, like write them to a textView //[_textView setText:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%f,%f,%f",xTilt,yTilt,zTilt]]; } @end Obviously I cut out all of the code to setup the textview and window and stuff. I'm going to post my code for the simple moving ball app over at macrumors. This was my first ever Cocoa application (I'm a C# developer) so I was kind of weary about releasing it, especially because the collision detection never worked right.



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