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Ramenos | Guide de référence des microformats pour le SEO

by holyver
Ce que je vous propose ici s’apparent à un guide de référence “fait maison” sur les microformats, orienté SEO et développeurs (bah oui faut toucher un peu au code pour mettre en place le nouveau balisage :p)


jQuery Deconstructed

by nhoizey
Une représentation visuelle de la structure de code de jQuery, malin !

WebM, un nouveau prétendant pour le HTML5

by nhoizey
"concernant VP8, le moins que l'on puisse dire c'est que les spécifications ont de quoi faire pâlir : il ne s'agit, pour l'essentiel, de rien de moins qu'un copier-coller du code source de l'implémentation du codec en C…"


Carrer Blog: CSS Specificity Coding Method

by nhoizey
if I order my CSS by their Specificity the search should be very easy, I should start from the bottom to the top

A Quick Tutorial on JavaScript Bookmarklets

by holyver
Bookmarklets are very handy pieces of JavaScript code that you can bookmark


syntaxhighlighter - Google Code

by nhoizey
SyntaxHighlighter is here to help a developer/coder to post code snippets online with ease and have it look pretty. It's 100% Java Script based and it doesn't care what you have on your server.

Drupal Code Search

by claire_
Drupal Code Search helps you find Drupal code easier! * Search source code from thousands of Drupal modules and themes. * Use the power of regular expressions to find exactly what you need. * Easily restrict results to specific Drupal version

Sniffing refactoring needs

by kasi77 & 2 others (via)
While still messing around with the PHP_CodeSniffer Pear package, I took a somehow jealous 1000 feet look at some prominent code inspection tools of the Java community: PMD and Checkstyle. Browsing their available rule sets/checks I soon recognized that guaranteeing the coding standard adherence is just a partial aspect of these tools. The following post will focus on one of these additional aspects, which is finding problems related to the code size of the inspected code artifacts, by showing how to port two selected rules to sniffs for utilization with the PHP_CodeSniffer tool. These ported sniffs can be used to automatically spot obvious code smells in the code base and to signal the need to apply the appropriate and odour reducing activity known as refactoring. Further more a complete set of code size sniffs, going beyond the trageted realm of the sniffs to come, could be used to speed up the feedback loop and to reduce the effort for manual code reviews.


Home | Email Standards Project

by nhoizey & 22 others
Our goal is to help designers understand why web standards are so important for email, while working with email client developers to ensure that emails render consistently. A community effort to improve the email experience for both designers and readers

Natural Docs

by nhoizey & 7 others
Natural Docs is an open-source, extensible, multi-language documentation generator. You document your code in a natural syntax that reads like plain English. Natural Docs then scans your code and builds high-quality HTML documentation from it.

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