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Insoshi: open-source social networking platform in Ruby on Rails

by springnet & 1 other
Insoshi is a product and a project. The product aims to be the best open-source social networking platform. The project is to make the product!


Revolution WordPress Theme

by springnet & 1 other
Welcome to the official Revolution WordPress theme website. If you are wanting to take your blog to a higher level, you are definitely in the right place.


P. S. : » Blog your mind map

by ycc2106
I finally managed to find a way to integrate my mind maps with my blog. Not just as static images or as external pages, but as living entities inside the blog. I learned it from the code in Wikka. And as always in those cases, once you find the solution,

OPML Sampling: Build a Page Showing the “Best” Item From Each RSS Feed-- The Glass is Too Big - J Wynia

by sunny & 3 others
Script qui prends ton opml de fils rss et qui te fais une liste des meilleurs articles d'après leur nombre de liens qui pointent vers eux. Pfiou.


Blogger Templates

by gweb & 34 others
Free blog templates, original skins and new designs for Blogger

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