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OIL.js - Consent Management

by srcmax
OIL is a holistic consent management platform that enables your compliance with GDPR and ePrivacy. The platform allows the user to manage their consent for data processing transparently and subsequently signals this information across the advertising supply chain as well as any other with OIL integrated vendor.


GDPR cookie compliant online tracking solution | dmsCookie

by srcmax
Make the EU Cookie Law and GDPR compliance easier! dmsCookie helps you manage cookies correctly and track online consents.

Gestionnaire de services - tarteaucitron.js

by srcmax & 1 other
Analytics, AdSense, Twitter... +70 autres ils n'ont jamais été si facile à installer !

CMPs – Advertising Consent

by srcmax
Companies operating as a CMP can read and/or set a user’s consent status for the vendors chosen by a website operator, either publisher specific, through a first-party cookie, or global, through a third-party cookie, and make this information available to a third-party that publishers choose to work with.


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