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Ray Ozzie: Wiring the Web

by ycc2106
I’d like to extend the clipboard user model to the web.

Live Clipboard

by benoit
The objective of Live Clipboard is to provide a simple and consistent user model to wire-the-web that would assist individuals in creating their own mesh of interconnections, both web-to-web and web-to-PC. Simply stated, the idea is to extend the PC clipboard user model to the web.

Ray Ozzie: Wiring the Web

by benoit & 1 other
I call this new concept Live Clipboard, because we view “live” efforts as those providing users with seamless end-to-end scenarios that “just work” by weaving together the best of software and the best of services.

Ray Ozzie: Wiring the Web

by jackysee & 1 other (via)
靠著同用的 structured data (microformats), application 之間可透過 clipboard 進行資訊交流

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