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June 2009

Les e-mails en HTML c'est difficile

by nhoizey
Ce n'est pas nouveau comme le montre ce workshop du W3C de 2007, et ça ne va pas dans le bon sens avec Outlook 2010... :-(

June 2008

A Guide to CSS Support in Email

by oqdbpo & 22 others
Designing an HTML email that renders consistently across the major email clients can be very time consuming. Support for even simple CSS varies considerably between clients, and even different versions of the same client. We've put together this CSS support in email clients guide to save you the time and trouble of figuring it out for yourself. With 21 different sets of results, all the major email systems are covered, both desktop applications and webmail. If you do notice results different to the ones we've listed, we'd love to hear your feedback. Email clients (particularly webmail) often change without notice, so we appreciate your help keeping this resource up to date.

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