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April 2008

Entre 4 Planches - court métrage

by sbrothier (via)
"You're back in the game" Montrée à plusieurs reprises dans des festivals prestigieux, la superproduction des Requins Marteaux Entre 4 planches est désormais visible sur Internet. Un récit doublé d'une fable sociale, tour à tour poignant, haletant et inquiétant dans les coulisses de l'industrie de la bande dessinée, un monde décidément sans pitié. Quand le septième art rencontre le neuvième, ou l'inverse.

The Art of the Title Sequence -

by sbrothier & 10 others
A compendium and leading web resource of film and television title design from around the world. We honor the artists who design excellent title sequences. We discuss and display their work with a desire to foster more of it, via stills and video links, interviews, creator notes, and user comments. Featuring opening title design for film and television from Croatia, New Zealand, Serbia, Russia, the United States, Brazil, England, France, India, Japan, Italy, Chile, Mexico, Yugoslavia and Egypt.

March 2008

YouTube - Star Wars vs. Saul Bass

by sbrothier
If Star Wars was filmed two decades earlier and Saul Bass did the opening title sequence, it might look like this... This was a school project. The song is "Machine" by the Buddy Rich Band off the album Big Swing Face (1967). Note: I'm aware of the errors in the video (spelling, Max Rebo), but I chose to leave them because the video is still enjoyable and was "just for fun". Not a serious artistic endeavor!

February 2008


by sbrothier
Très bon fil d'animation fait par trois étudiants

December 2007


by xlr8, 1 comment (via)
watch free online streaming : movies, animes, cartoons, series

October 2007

No fat clips!!!: MONEY MARK - Information Contraband

by sbrothier
Here's a technicolor motion graphics street adventure. And it's for free. Well, almost... "Information Contraband sees Money Mark traversing through a color saturated city of huge movie posters: slinky babes from huge Technicolor billboards slap the singer across his face on his jaunt; dudes with machetes and swords twist and turn in jungle terrain and martial arts maestros strut their stuff while Money Mark suavely sucks on a cigarette."

vMix - Member (Logan LA) - Video

by sbrothier
Le toujours fameux à mon goût "Information Contraband" de Money Mark fait par Logan

YouTube - Zoolander Typography

by sbrothier
un nouvel exemple de typographie cinétique

September 2007

July 2007

L'humour selon Hot Fuzz

by Fluctuat (via)
Hot fuzz, ou la déferlante de l'humour birtannique façon Frost et Wright. Dossier et interview vidéo des deux joyeux trublions des sorties de l'été.

May 2007

YouTube - Panique au Village

by sbrothier
des épisodes de Panique au village série d'animations déjantées en stop motion avec Cheval, Cow boy et Indien

Core77 Broadcast: Gary Hustwit in Helvetica, interviewed by Alissa Walker

by sbrothier, 2 comments (via)
Once simply the name of the most ubiquitous typeface on the planet, now the documentary Helvetica is becoming almost as ubiquitous--at least among members of the design community. The film not only tells the story of the typeface itself, from its birth in Switzerland fifty years ago to current gig as American Apparel mascot, but it also serves as an entertaining primer on modern graphic design, featuring major players from Massimo Vignelli to Experimental Jetset.

On your mark

by sbrothier
Miyazaki du matin, chagrin

April 2007


by sbrothier
à base de BMX et d'années 80

March 2007

February 2007

Clip Musical Video Cinéma Rollings Stones - Star système -

by Video Clip & 4 others
Star mondiale le groupe Rolling Stones est l'un des groupes les mieux payés au monde.

Clip Musical Video Cinéma Rollings Stones - Star système -

by CamChat & 4 others
Star mondiale le groupe Rolling Stones est l'un des groupes les mieux payés au monde.

Clip Musical Video Cinéma Rollings Stones - Star système -

by Gratuit Technologie & 4 others
Star mondiale le groupe Rolling Stones est l'un des groupes les mieux payés au monde.

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