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Cozy Lummox

by sbrothier
Eric Skillman: I'm a Brooklyn-based graphic designer, mostly making DVDs at my day job with The Criterion Collection, though I try my hand at books and such occasionally.

The Art (and Random Adventures) of Eric Tan

by everyueveryme & 1 other
Designer/Doodler. Grew up in the sleepy town of San Diego. Suffers from narcolepsy. When not working or sleeping...or sleeping at work, I usually have a skateboard, a snowboard, or a burrito in hand.

Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow

by sbrothier
Founded by Chris MaGee in 2007 The Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow is an online community dedicated to discussing and promoting Japanese cinema in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as well as around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or just a casual viewer curious about Japanese films then the Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow is the place for you.



by everyueveryme
Tom Whalen Illustration & Design

C I N E B E A T S :: Japanese Cinema

by sbrothier
Chronicling One woman's love affair with 60's & 70's cinema

The Auteurs’ Notebook

by sbrothier
With a tight group of opinionated columnists, reviewers and interviewers, The Auteurs delivers the best in film.

In Twin Peaks

by jeanruaud & 2 others
(en) blogue d'un dévôt de la série

Le blog musique

by Krome
Shine A Light : Les Rolling Stones vu par Scorsese

Diary of the Dead

by apostaganha
Titulo Original: Diary of the Dead Titulo Português: Diary of the Dead Titulo Brasileiro: Diary of the Dead Ano: 2007 Realização: George A. Romero Argumento: George A. Romero Actores: Nick Alachiotis, Matt Birman, George Buza, Joshua Close, Christopher Cordell, Wes Craven, Laura DeCarteret


Opinionz mais en blog

by xlr8 & 1 other
Un blog amoureux des mérous et de plein d'autres choses à ne pas prendre au 1er degré.

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