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Magazine de sorties

by dapronz
Tendances, sorties et buzz autour du cinéma


Since The 1980s, Jeff Bridges Has Done Something Incredible On The Set Of All His Movies. | The Roosevelts

by sbrothier
Since the 1980s, Jeff Bridges has been taking set shots and behind-the-scene photos from all his films with his unique panoramic Widelux camera. His consistency is amazing.

a hollow body | a cinematic experience through the city of london

by sbrothier & 1 other
A Hollow Body is a cinematic experience, a soundtrack for the city. An interactive mobile app with specially composed music score and narration guides you and a companion on a journey through the City of London. Commissioned by the Museum of London as part of their Sherlock Holmes exhibition programme, this is not a typical history walk or tourist guide. Imagine walking through a film where you are the main characters; the streets and narrow alleys of London acting as your cinematic backdrop.



by toki
revue de cinéma

Alien | Typeset In The Future

by sbrothier & 1 other
My third post about typography in sci-fi has been gestating for a while now. Indeed, it's been slowly taking shape – you might say it's been forming itself inside of me – for really quite some time. I'm delighted to say that it is now ready to burst forth from my allegorical chest, and to spatter allegorical typographic blood all over your allegorical faces. Welcome to Typeset In The Future: The Alien Edition.

5 | 5 Things UX And UI Designers Could Learn From Wes Anderson | Co.Design | business + design

by sbrothier
Director Wes Anderson has always been distinguished for his visual artistry, detail-rich sets, and storybook-like imagery. From the whimsical, campy feel of Moonrise Kingdom to the carefully crafted sets and miniatures in The Grand Budapest Hotel, Anderson’s movies are visual masterpieces.

The Colors Of Motion

by innipukinn & 2 others
A site designed and developed by Charlie Clark exploring the use of color in movies

How technology is driving the next wave of film animation - Telegraph

by sbrothier (via)
The spread of new animation techniques – like motion capture, which involves tracking the movement of objects and people to create more life-like characters – will also inevitably contribute to the data avalanche. Meanwhile, Lucasfilm has announced that the next generation of Star Wars films will use 48 frames a second rather than 24, signalling a new era for the film industry.

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