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JEUX - CINEMA - GIF - IWDRM, The Game (The goal of this game is to guess the title of the movie)

by decembre
IWDRM, The Game. Test your cinematographic culture with IWDRM, THE GAME ! The goal of this game is to guess the title of the movie, given a gif from the amazing blog IWDRM.

FUN - La boîte à Mocky (Hommage à Jean-Pierre Mocky)

by decembre (via)
Plutôt que d'en pleurer, on a choisi d'en rire et à l'infini grâce à la Boite à Mocky, un site tout simple qui permet de déclencher les répliques e Mocky : - "Moteur ! Putain de meyrrrdeu"


école cinéma Lyon

by perrinette
L'école de cinéma & d'audiovisuel CinéCréatis déjà présente à Nantes, s'installe à Lyon à compter de la rentrée 2017



Reinventors | Reinvent Hollywood Series

by gregg
If we could redesign the film industry into the best possible system for the artists, the audience and the business, what would it look like?

The Colors Of Motion

by gregg & 2 others
A site designed and developed by Charlie Clark exploring the use of color in movies

myLINGO, Enjoy a movie in the language of your choice with headphones and a smartphone

by gregg
myLINGO is a smartphone app that enables non-English speaking audiences to enjoy mainstream U.S. movies in theaters, by allowing them to hear the corresponding dub in their own language, in real time, via headphones connected to their smartphone or equivalent device. myLINGO shatters the language barrier that prevents millions of nonnative English speakers from going to theaters in the U.S., which similarly prevents hundreds of thousands of expat Americans from enjoying movies abroad.


X-Men: Days of Future Past | The Bent Bullet

by gregg
Look back at the infamous assassination of President Kennedy by Magneto mutant, Erik Lehnsherr.

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