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A Recipe for Rails Continuous Integration |

by Spone
At its most basic, continuous integration (CI) is just a process that checks out the latest code commit and runs a script. What that script does is up to you. In this article I’ll share the script I use for my own Rails projects, and the reasoning behind it.

Gitlab CI Setup with Rails | Ultra High

by Spone
I had a few problems getting up and running with docker-based gitlab-ci builds, so here’s a description of my setup. I’m using (not self-hosted) and their hosted CI at BUT I am using private build runners on my own Ubuntu 14.04 server.


by Spone
Continuous visual integration for web apps



Drupalcamp Pakistan: Automating Drupal Deployment | Drupal Developer | Dominique De Cooman

by holyver
The goal of automating deployment is to make introducing new features easier. In this post we will learn how to set up a workflow that will move code and configuration of your drupal site from your local development station, to development, to staging and to production all by a using your version control and a push of a button.

Most effective Jenkins plugins | Art of Software Engineering

by holyver
This post is about continuous integration practice and Jenkins (Hudson) — one of the most popular open-source continuous integration server. The six must-have plug-ins I’ll discuss here will make your job of configuring Jenkins and running builds much more productive.


Template for Jenkins Jobs for PHP Projects

by Xavier Lacot
The goal of this project is to provide a standard template for Jenkins jobs for PHP projects.


technique @PMSIpilot » Code coverage des tests unitaires d’un projet symfony et intégration dans Hudson CI

by Xavier Lacot
Un exemple d'automatisation de tests unitaires avec symfony et Hudson. Le point intéressant est le calcul de la couverture des tests - idéalement, on doit tendre vers 100.


by Xavier Lacot
CCMenu displays the project status of CruiseControl continuous integration servers as an item in the Mac OS X menu bar.


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