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May 2007


by digital & 1 other (via)
biblical, religion, devotionals, christian, bible study online, ministry, missions, christianity, god, jesus, christ, salvation, devotions

June 2006

Letter to God - Write a letter to your God and read other peoples

by douglaswalker
Ever wanted to ask God something? Now you can Write a letter to your God. Interesting to read letters that others have left. Gives you a great insight into the Human condition. We really all want the same thing. Overseen by someone called The Helper

September 2005

apronyms - another game within a game

by ryanne
[tuesday, 07 december 2004]'re some clever apronyms to chew on!!! (note: this entry will make no sense to most of you) - [ ] ALBERT KLAGES: Another Link Between Epochs - Relays Tale Knowing Little About Game's Eventua

August 2005

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