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August 2006

Movie raters: Christian themes won't be factor

by jasontromm & 1 other (via)
The movie ratings board run by Hollywood's six top studios is back-pedaling from a process that reportedly used to target movies for PG ratings if they carried an evangelical Christian message, WorldNetDaily has learned. The move by the Motion Picture Association of America followed controversy over a rating for Sony Provident Films' "Facing the Giants," which was given the PG tag after officials told the movie's makers it was because it was so Christian. "The scene that caught the association's attention was an exchange between a coach and a player," said Ted Baehr, chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission in an op-ed piece published this week. "The coach assures the player that following Jesus Christ is a decision everyone makes for himself, but, if he accepts Christ, it will change his life."

July 2006

Sites Unseen - Earth's Mightiest Alternative Christian Link Portal

by wrijneveld
very wide source of links to mainly alternative christian voices - Your source for inspirational poems, movies, screensavers and more

by 7inspirations publishes award-winning inspirational screensavers and Flash movies along with famous poems, hymns and music for Christian audiences.


by carlesmile & 4 others
Elctronic Bible study tools

June 2006

by mars565
A guide to the Christian web.

The Cobbler's Kid No More!

by sequanti
New blog for Christian Web Design

Letter to God - Write a letter to your God and read other peoples

by douglaswalker
Ever wanted to ask God something? Now you can Write a letter to your God. Interesting to read letters that others have left. Gives you a great insight into the Human condition. We really all want the same thing. Overseen by someone called The Helper

May 2006

Carman World Outreach - Listen and download music

by tg3793
A man that has used the creative and musical abilities that God has given him to reach out to those who God has put in his path.


by qoosmicah
霹啪959乃使者協會旗下的門訓電台。透過直播和網上的廣播節目。以輕鬆的手法,適切的話題,開闊年青人的視野,傳遞反省信仰、作門徒的信息。鼓勵年青人敢於活出更精采的生命。 霹啪959 Podcast 是一個現場電台節目的錄音記錄。霹啪959乃逢星期日晚上十一時,在溫哥華AM1320現場直播。