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Church of Scotland Announces New Governor

by YukihiroKawashi
The Church of Scotland has announced its new Guild National Convener and Vice Convener for 2007 to 2008 At the last meeting of the Church of Scotland Guilds National Executive committee it was announced that Ann Bowie from Moray is to be the incoming National Convener of the Church of Scotland Guild


Court favors Christian literature on campus

by jasontromm
A federal court of appeals unanimously struck down a Florida school board policy barring students from distributing religious literature on campus. Represented by the public-interest group Liberty Counsel, student Michelle Heinkel of Cypress Lake Middle School in Fort Myers had sought permission to distribute religious and pro-life literature about the "Day of Remembrance," set aside to remember unborn children killed by abortion.

Nike University

by jasontromm
Now that hundreds of thousands of parents have discovered for themselves how the public school system is an incredibly inefficient and ineffective means of providing children with an education, it is interesting to note that some of them are beginning to turn skeptical eyes on the hallowed institution of the university.

Baptists call for public school support

by jasontromm (via)
A group of Baptist leaders called on its members Friday to "speak positively about public education" in response to a conservative movement to pull Baptist children out of public schools. Fifty-six pastors and organizational leaders - some from the conservative Southern Baptist Convention and others from the more moderate Cooperative Baptist Fellowship - signed a letter supporting public schools.

Sites used in a 1st grade classroom.

by tagtooga
After spending a day with my child in 1st grade, these are the sites I found on the classrooms' computers. They are helpful for anyone with children in 1st grade. (Perhaps kindergarten and 2nd grade also...)


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