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A house without books is like a room without windows. No man has a right to bring up his... - Horace Mann at BrainyQuote

by tadeufilippini (via)
Horace Mann Quotes A house without books is like a room without windows. No man has a right to bring up his children without surrounding them with books, if he has the means to buy them. Horace Mann





Find the Best Wii Games For Kids

by cryogenius (via)
Finding a suitable Wii game for young children can be tricky, as many of them require some reading, but there are a few that specifically cater this age group. Many games just need a parent to set them up, and once they're ready to play, the child can play mostly without reading.

Top Ten Wii Games for Kids

by cryogenius (via)
These games for kids on the Wii are free of graphic violence and adult situations. Your child can play these games without being exposed to questionable content. Plus, the games are easy enough for kids to play without becoming frustrated. They have more control - just like one of the big kids.

Plan a Fun Wii Family Game Night

by cryogenius (via)
The Nintendo Wii has made family game night fun again. There are a huge variety of Wii games that are fun for all ages. Everyone can get in on the fun - both children and parents.

Smories - new stories for children, read by children

by julie & 2 others

Smories are free original stories for kids, read by kids. 50 added every month.

The Best Wii Games For Little Kids

by cryogenius (via)
Here's a list of Wii games for kids listed in order of age-accessibility, not in order of quality, rating, or recommendation. Games have been chosen that weren't too difficult - so kids wouldn't get easily frustrated, it wouldn't cause fights, nor constantly need adult supervision or assistance. Some of these games might also be enjoyable for grown ups too, though most of them are specifically aimed at children.


Top Wii Games for Children

by cryogenius (via)
Here's a list of Wii Games for preschoolers and up. The list is ordered so that games suitable for younger children are first. A lot of the games on this list are amazing and are fun for adults too!

Little Gems - Chocky The Children of Green Knowe Think of a Number Jigsaw The Flumps Hectors House Ludwig The Little Green Man The Tinderbox Toms Midnight Garden Godzilla The Riddlers Stig of the Dump Pigeon Street Cockleshell Bay Bleep and Booster Puddle

by ycc2106
This site is dedicated to the Little Gems of children's television programs that have long faded into memory such as Moondial, Into the Labyrinth, The Herbs, Cockleshell Bay, Alias the Jester, Belle and Sebastien, Murun Buchstansangur, The Singing Ringing Tree, Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings (as shown on Captain Kangaroo) and Portland Bill. It also includes recently discovered Gems such as The Big Knights. These and other classics may no longer be seen on our television screens but we hope that this site will bring back vivid memories of those lazy days of the summer school holidays.

CyberMentors |

by simon_bricolo
navigateur pour lutter contre le harcèlement des enfants

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