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June 2006

Fun Kid Birthday Cakes

by Grandpa_Mike
Kid birthday cakes including our exclusive Xpress Cake service, ideas and creative recipes including first birthday cakes, character birthday cakes, Wilton cakes, animal cakes, train birthday cakes, sports birthday cakes, castle birthday cakes, princess birthday cakes, Dora birthday cakes and much, much more.

May 2006

Genterist - Children and Education

by genterist
Genterist - Childrend and education is a serious blog about children, parenting. IT is always good and bad about the gap existing between parents and children. Our job is to provide knowledge of how to turn that gap to a small garden which is full of fun and joy.

雪球.隨筆 » 國際不打小孩日

by felixlaumon
Quote: 體罰是一種永無止境的複製,每一記責打都在提醒小孩,強者對付弱者的方式,就是透過人身控制,遂行其意志。甚至會弄出人命哩。

April 2006

The Man in Blue > Experiment > CSS Love Child

by MaoTseTongue (via)
Visionner un site avec la feuille de style (CSS) d'un autre site.

A Mother from Morocco

by sabbah & 1 other
my request is as following: 1- be in touch with responsibles of associations taking care of children with down syndrome, share with them the programs we provide ours with, to integrate them socially, working on what we call early action and scolar integration 2- get in touch with mothers and give them guidance at home 3- look for sponsors and donaters to whome we could present our projects in details and see if we can build something in two or more arabic countries ans franchise system in taking care of handicaped persons 4- invite people to our country as trainees or visit other arabic countries as trainees also to keep on learning and learning to better performance

March 2006

BBC NEWS | England | West Midlands | Teacher wins police DNA battle

by felixlaumon
A teacher accused of hitting a child with a ruler, but never prosecuted

February 2006

the infamous bunny - a photoset on Flickr

by leaffael
the imfamous bunny's life course a sosososos cute child

Handicapped Palestinian child killed by Israeli troops! Really?

by sabbah
A disabled Palestinian teenager has been shot dead by Israeli troops during clashes near the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

January 2006

October 2005

June 2005

Eric's Archived Thoughts: Universal Child Replacement

by nhoizey
there is a way to simulate child selection without actually using the child combinator. The general pattern is to use a normal descendant selection in your first rule, and then “undo” the first rule with a second that has a universal selector in the middle. Suppose you want to boldface any p element that’s a child of a div, but no others. The solution: div p {font-weight: bold;} div * p {font-weight: normal;}

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