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LibéLabo : la baffe comme arme anti-journaliste

by tehu
Il y a des baffes qui se perdent pour certains commentateurs // Les chavézistes sont les enfants des maoïstes. Prêts à défendre le petit père d'un pays où ils n'ont jamais mis les pieds.


Chavez and Sheehan Democrat frontrunners for ‘08

by madcapcdale (via)
It appears that the Democrats may have found candidates for the 2008 presidential elections. The ideologies expressed recently at the U.N. by Chavez, and the comments of Sheehan during her protest, are strikingly similar to the rhetoric coming from the Democratic Party for the past five years.

Hugo Chavez - In his own words

by Mal Burns
An intruiging submission to Op Ed by Hugo Chavez himself. Maybe other leaders should take note and learn to address us in their own words.


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