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Skaaz Project | le Blog

by parmentierf
Aujourd'hui nous allons entreprendre de développer un module pour notre skaaz. On peut faire un appel à programme extérieur hébergé sur le web...


Chatterbots, Tinymuds, and the Turing Test

by parmentierf (via)
This paper describes the development of one such Turing System, including the technical design of the program and its performance on the first three Loebner Prize competitions. We also discuss the program's four year development effort, which has depended heavily on constant interaction with people on the Internet via Tinymuds (multiuser network communication servers that are a cross between role-playing games and computer forums like CompuServe). Finally, we discuss the design of the Loebner competition itself, and address its usefulness in furthering the development of Artificial Intelligence. -- Is Jabber's Chatbot the Command Line of the Future?

by parmentierf & 1 other (via)
In this article, we take a look at bots, those programs-with-character that hang around in chat channels and amuse, help, and generally make the day a little more pleasant for those people who talk to them. We'll take a close look at ChatBot, beloved of the participants in the Jabber Developer's room "jdev", which is hosted on


Swik - ECTOR

by parmentierf
La page d'ECTOR sur le site Swik, qui recense des projets OpenSource

Eliza, Computer Therapist

by parmentierf & 1 other (via)
A Javascript implementation for Eliza, the ancestors of chatterbots.


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