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Telegram Messenger for iPhone and Android

by milouse
Existe aussi un client console linux... Semble intéressant ce truc... à voir




by gregg
Unavoidable doesn't have to mean unpleasant; cats and guardians alike will purr over these terrific design solutions for the litter box



by Spone & 1 other
GitHub, Inc., wrote the first version of Hubot to automate our company chat room. Hubot knew how to deploy the site, automate a lot of tasks, and be a source of fun in the company. Eventually he grew to become a formidable force in GitHub. But he led a private, messy life. So we rewrote him.

Adium - Xtras - Home

by oseres & 2 others
Xtras add new sounds, images, and more to Adium. Just click on a category below to see what's available.

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