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by Krome
The new home for charts and data, powered by Quartz.




by keusta & 1 other
good-looking charts : line, area, bar & donut

Aristochart - Sophisticated Javascript charts.

by Krome & 2 others
Aristochart is highly customizable and flexible line charting library for canvas. Aristochart allows you to focus on aesthetic while it manages the data behind the scenes.

Aristochart - Sophisticated Javascript charts.

by srcmax & 2 others
Aristochart is highly customizable and flexible line charting library for canvas. Aristochart allows you to focus on aesthetic while it manages the data behind the scenes.

Chart.js | HTML5 Charts for your website.

by srcmax & 3 others
Easy, object oriented client side graphs for designers and developers


10 Tips To Make Your Excel Charts Sexier

by Teulliac
Having covered all the basics of how to make tabular data tell a story using custom cell formatting and conditional formatting for both static tables and pivot tables, we’re now going to jump into the really fun stuff: charting data out in Excel.

Piecon / Pie charts in your favicon!

by Xavier Lacot
A tiny javascript library for dynamically generating progress pie charts in your favicons.


by marco & 2 others
D3.js is a small, free JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data.


Dusted Magazine | Charts

by garret
Contributing Stations Asheville FM, CFRU, CFUV, CHIRP, CHUO, CITR, CJSF, CJSW, CKUT, KALX, KBGA, KBOO, KCPR, KDVS, KFJC, KPSU, KSPC, KTRU, KUCI, KUOI, KUOM, KVRX, KXLU, KZSU, WCBN, WDCE, WFMU, WHPK, WLUW, WMBR, WNCW, WNYU, WPRB, WRAS, WRFL, WRRG, WRUV, WTJU, WUNH, WUSB, WVFS, WXDU. The Dusted charts are compiled from charts taken from a somewhat exclusive collection of the finest college and independent radio stations in North America. Individual stations are not weighted and each chart is of equal value. However, albums that appear on multiple charts are weighted accordingly. For more information about the charts or if you are interested in submitting your station’s charts, feel free to e-mail us at A guide to being a college radio music director can be found here.

Share Spotify Playlists at

by garret
Lots of playlists that you can listen to in Spotify. Generate playlists for up to five artists.

We Are Hunted - The Online Music Chart

by garret
About: We listen to what people are saying about artists and their music on blogs, social networks like Facebook and MySpace, message boards and forums, Twitter and P2P networks to chart the top songs online everyday. A new Top of the Pops In the offline world, charts are built on shipped albums. Online charts have been a simple count of digital downloads. We Are Hunted is different. We discover new music from around the web and detect sentiment, expression and advocacy to understand what people like and dislike. A Better Way to Discover Music Visually driven, intuitive and simple, We Are Hunted seeks to be a daily destination for music lovers looking to discover their next favorite artist. Through We Are Hunted, music fans can discover new music and more importantly, join the conversation about it.

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