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December 2005

November 2005

Encodable Industries: Full-featured interactive websites for just $29.

by mauriz & 2 others
Upload de fichiers avec barre de progression. Qui a besoin de ruby pour ça ?

October 2005 Documentation ZATAZ : Installation de PHP en mode CGI avec execution SuExec

by camel
Ce document va aborder la mise en place de PHP en mode CGI (Common Gateway Inteface) qui sera éxécuter par SuExec. project details for plans

by macroron
planning calendar - a powerful and flexible Web calendar. Its features include recurring events, merged calendars, event icons, custom themes and templates, MS Outlook export, SQL or flat-file data storage, and browser-based management. - demo planning calendar cgi form

by macroron

September 2005

August 2005

Secure Scripts Industrial Strength Security Services

by xenomorph
We know what the hackers know. We know what the hackers do. Old Tom has extensively researched deep within the Paysite Hacker community. That's in addition to his nearly 25 years' experience writing industrial strength server software, unix device drivers, and CGI scripts. You just can't beat someone who's had server coding experience longer than the Internet has been public! Enjoy your visit here and if you have any questions at all, please do write Old Tom personally for a fast and timely response.

How To Debug, Troubleshoot, And Secure Perl Scripts

by xenomorph
How To Debug, Troubleshoot, And Secure Perl Scrip

Free CGI Scripts in Perl

by xenomorph
CGI Scripts that are Very Secure, Reliable & Free!

June 2005


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Perl CGI's By Mrs. Shiromuku

by SecohanBlog