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August 2006

May 2006

Welcome to BitPim

by urbanfoto & 3 others
Free, cross-platform software BitPim lets you backup and manage your cell phone data (including contacts, calendar, wallpapers, and ringtones) on a number of popular phones. It looks like BitPim supports mostly LG phones, but the list of supported phones

January 2006

Okwap's matching phones for saints and sinners - Engadget

by kalley
农历新年将近,为了感谢消费者这一年来对英华达 OKWAP 的热情支持,OKWAP 特别推出了 H133 专属天使恶魔果冻套大放送! OKWAP H133 的简约外型线条,雾面抛光处理的机身质感,搭配手写辨识、MP3 功能。此外,OKWAP H133 专属天使恶魔果冻套,俏皮可爱外型的外观设计,也受到消费市场的高度询问。

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