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WordPress › Support » Image/Media Uploader problems

by bouilloire
Additional: A new issue in WordPress 2.6 occurs when you have a custom directory for file uploads. The upload will work, but the link/thumbnail link will be wrong and so the image won't appear. This is a bug which can be fixed in one of two ways (either works): a) Specify the correct URL to the upload directory in the "optional" field just below the custom image path field. b) There's a new wp-includes/functions.php which will eliminate the issue. Download it and replace your existing wp-includes/functions.php file with it. Je me disais bien qu'il y avait un truc de pété.


ongoing · “Publish” Everywhere

by night.kame & 1 other
Ongoing est cassé, je ne vois pas de bouton "publier". Et d'ailleurs, mettre un bouton "Publier" partout ce n'est pas simplifier, c'est complexifier. La simplicité de l'édition c'est le lien "éditer cette page", mais on est anti-Winer ou on ne l'est pas.

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