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05 April 2006

How I Work: Bill Gates - Apr. 4, 2006

by micah & 4 others (via)
On my desk I have three screens, synchronized to form a single desktop. I can drag items from one screen to the next. Once you have that large display area, you'll never go back, because it has a direct impact on productivity.

29 March 2006

Slashdot | How Many People Work in Your Internet Department?

by micah (via)
We are in the middle of a major website redesign and everyone is asking why it takes so long to complete, and almost daily I have to explain that I do not have enough manpower. Of course, I can't prove ROI until the new site is launched.

21 March 2006

Amanda Gore: Official Homepage.

by micah
International speaker for Leadership, Lifestyle, Group Dynamics, Motivation/Teamwork, Cultural Transformations, Organizational Change, Wellness, Stress Management, Communication and more.

07 March 2006 » Looking Busy

by micah (via)
What I’ve come to find is that people wear their busyness as a badge of honor. The busier you are, the more important you are. The more important you are, the busier you need to look. The word business itself is the noun form describing a state of being busy.

08 February 2006

Mental State Called Flow

by micah (via)
Do you plan to get into flow, does it come upon you more as a kind of inspiration, or is it not necessary for you? Do you use tactics to improve your team's ability to flow? Which particular events disrupt flow the most, and how do you solve them?

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