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Card Games for Information Architects

by simon_bricolo
This article reviews 6 simple but powerful research techniques you can use to improve the information architecture of your product or web site. None of these activities require a computer. You simply need a bunch of cards, a participant and a desk.



by simon_bricolo & 2 others
web-based software application for remote online card sorting



Card Sorting: Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned |

by simon_bricolo
Article sur la technique du tri des cartes. Souligne les problèmes qui peuvent survenir.


CardSort |

by simon_bricolo
software tool for Information Architects to conduct computer aided Card Sorting

Information design using card sorting |

by simon_bricolo
article sur la méthode de classement des cartes

Cardsort |

by simon_bricolo
Card Sorting is a methodology for assessing mental/conceptual models by asking users to categorize a list of terms.

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