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Google Chrome Frame - Google Code

by Spone & 1 other
Enable open web technologies in Internet Explorer Google Chrome Frame is an early-stage open source plug-in that seamlessly brings Google Chrome's open web technologies and speedy JavaScript engine to Internet Explorer. With Google Chrome Frame, you can: * Start using open web technologies - like the HTML5 canvas tag - right away, even technologies that aren't yet supported in Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8. * Take advantage of JavaScript performance improvements to make your apps faster and more responsive.

Chromium Blog: Introducing Google Chrome Frame

by marco & 2 others
One challenge developers face in using these new technologies is that they are not yet supported by Internet Explorer. Developers can't afford to ignore IE—most people use some version of IE—so they end up spending lots of time implementing work-arounds or limiting the functionality of their apps.



by Xavier Lacot & 2 others
Firefox, Safari and Opera 9 support the canvas tag to allow 2D command-based drawing. ExplorerCanvas brings the same functionality to Internet Explorer.

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