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Jean Lapointe, photographe | Gatineau (Québec)

by Gérard Delisle
membre du Club de photographie Polarisé de l'Outaouais (Gatineau/Ottawa) |


Online Business and the Rising Canadian Dollar

by flakki
To be honest, I never thought I’d see this day. The Canadian dollar not only reaching parity, but rising above it. As a Canadian, I’m pretty proud of this, and what I don’t understand is the negative reaction some Canadians are having to our country’s success.


Abandoned Afghans - News - World

by Gérard Delisle (via)
Life in a ruined refuge - A photo essay by Daniel Morin, CBC News

Yahoo! 360° ■ Gérard Delisle ■ Ottawa, ON Canada

by Gérard Delisle
Ma passion est la photo. Cette page présente des liens qui mènent vers mes photos, mes blogues ainsi que mes signets virtuels (photographie et autres sujets ----■---- Photography is my passion. This page has links to my photos, my blogs and also to my favorites sites (photography and other areas of interest) ---■---

The illusions behind the ''beauty'', a 1 minute video - Dove Self-esteem fund

by Gérard Delisle
A presentation by the Dove Self-esteem Fund, a mentor program for Canadian girls aged 8 to 12. The fund's web site includes a number of educational resources for young girls and teens. Over 60 photos from well-known female photographers from around the world depict female beauty across the ranges of shape, size, ethnicity and age.

Galerie d'images des Archives du Chemin de fer Canadien Pacifique

by Gérard Delisle (via)
Canadian Pacific Railways Archives: english version of image gallery is available at


Live from the IRIS

by emily & 1 other
Photoblog by nariman amiri

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