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Flouzo - Community-driven donation campaigns

by rike_ & 1 other
Flouzo - Community-driven donation campaigns Using our experience on the campaign, we want to foster the creation and setup of community-driven online donation campaigns. Such campaigns have been around for a long time, and numerous examples have proved they can be a good alternative way of financing projects, especially when such projects do not fit the profile business angels or banks want to see. With Flouzo, we want to create a plateform where anyone with a good idea can setup an online donation campaign. We will provide - under a Free Software license - all the tools that we needed or dreamed of when we had to run such campaigns : certification, payment methods, communication tools, money meter, etc. And, who knows, perhaps one day we will prove wrong the saying: "money goes to money".


The "Save Everwood" Campaign

by celebi23
If you're as upset as I am about CW canceling Everwood, please go to this site that has tons of information on who to contact to try to get this mistake rectified. I for one, feel that we have a shot at getting it renewed for a 5th season.

AT&T Pays Off Congressmen To Kill Municipal Networks

by zboog
AT&T has been using its considerable checkbook to pay off Congressman to ban cities and towns from setting up their own broadband and wireless networks. The top two recipients of AT&T campaign donations in 2006 have proposed laws to ban or dramatically cu


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