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by urbanfoto is a free-content encyclopedia of camera information. The content on Camerapedia is constructed and maintained using Wiki software. What is a Wiki? A Wiki is a web site that allows any user to add or edit content. Wikis are the most democr

Ride Maps Online - $2.77 CVS Camera Helmet Mount

by urbanfoto
Cory writes "I got a CVS disposable video camera a few weeks ago with the idea that I would use it to make some videos of local trails to put up on my site. I also saw a nice howto for mounting the camera to a helmet that inspired me. The howto I saw invo

[[]]::::Polaroidiots::::[[]] Converting a Polaroid 110a

by urbanfoto
Mark writes "Here's how to convert old obsolete 1950's era Polaroid 110a cameras into semi-proffesional, full manual, large format work horses. The site describes the process of converting these cheap old cameras to accept easily available modern pack fil

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