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November 2008

[fr] Synchronisez nativement Google Calendar, iCal et OutLook

by julie & 2 others
Google vient d’annoncer que désormais Google Cal peut être synchronisé en temps quasi réel avec les grandes applications de calendrier de bureau dont iCal et Outlook.

October 2008

NuevaSync - Over the Air Synchronization

by CharlesNepote

NuevaSync allows direct, over-the-air, native synchronization of certain smart phones and PDA devices with public PIM, and calendaring services including Google Calendar. NuevaSync does not need any software installed on your device because it uses synchronization protocols that are already built in.

July 2007

March 2007


by dpansu & 16 others (via)
synchronize your phone with Google Calendar. solution open source

December 2006

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