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Gestion de contacts et suivi commercial - logiciel CRM

by eandrieux
Logiciel CRM complét, simple et facile à mettre en oeuvre pour gérer vos contacts professionnels, vos tâches et vos opportunités commerciales. Dotée d'une interface claire et intuitive, Ronin CRM vous aidera dans le suivi et la gestion de votre activité commerciale que vous soyez un indépendant, une tpe ou une pme. - Gestion de contacts - Suivi des tâches et des actvitées (rendez-vous, contacts téléphoniques, ...) - Gestion des documents liés aux contacts - Planning d'équipe - Gestion des opportunités commerciales - Ciblage marketing (export Excel) - Synchronisation avec le calendrier Outlook - Getsion de documents modèles (comme les devis ou factures sous Excel ou Word)

BusySync - Sync iCal and Google Calendar - from BusyMac

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
BusySync lets you share iCal calendars on a LAN and sync iCal with Google Calendar

Main Page - Bongo

by camel & 1 other
We're creating fun and simple e-mail & calendaring software. We want our inboxes to be usable again: e-mail should be a useful tool, not a productivity killer. We want to be able to use our calendars to organise our lives, and we want other people to be able to interact with us through it whether they use Bongo or not. Although Bongo is a young project, the software itself has a long pedigree and we are simply amongst the latest custodians. But while the core code isn't new, the ideas we have and the direction we're taking are. We're not trying to create a "groupware" system to compete with well-known proprietary systems, or create an "enterprise platform" which encompasses everything from document management to project planning.


Calendar Software

by bl5189e0
Reviews and recent news.

funambol :: open source

by Regis & 5 others (via)
Funambol is open source mobile application server software that provides push email, address book and calendar (PIM) data synchronization, application provisioning, and device management for wireless devices and PCs, leveraging standard protocols. For users, this means BlackBerry-like capabilities on commodity handsets.


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