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[Forum FC4D] Export Caméra: question générale

by kruty
exporter les données caméras de C4D pour ae

by kruty
images pour reflexions de lumière dans C4D

Modeling Cars with HyperNURBS

by kruty
Though the Chevy tutorial is dated by current Cinema 4D standards, portions of it remain somewhat viable. On the other hand, many plugins available since version 8 was released make much of this tutorial extraneous. Some of the techniques it teaches, I no longer even use myself (and cannot wholly recommend that anyone else learn to model this way!) - especially when the current release of C4D (v9 ) has included many many more modeling features not covered here, which only make this method more cumbersome.

Cinema 4D Tutorials Index

by kruty
quelques tuto (ampoule, global illumination, skins, light and planet)

C4D Cafe -> Download Manager -> Tutorials

by kruty
forum de Cinema 4D, tutorials et ressource. tuto à télécharger

3D Tutorials - Cinema 4D Tutorials : Modeling

by kruty
modeling - animation - Lighting - Materials/Textures - Effects - Rendering

tutorial c4d

by kruty
tutoriels en pdf cinema 4D

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