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Canadian Wireless Providers Plan Mobile Payment Service

by teleclick
Three of Canada’s top wireless providers have recently come to an agreement this week on a joint venture that will allow customers to make payments via their mobile phones.

ROKR Discounted by $100

by teleclick
After dismally poor performance for the past several weeks, Cingular Wireless has decided to cut the price of the Motorola RORK phone by a drastic 40%.

High Speed BlackBerry Coming to Canada

by teleclick
Research in Motion has just announced that the BlackBerry 8700r wireless handheld device will become available to Canadian consumers, starting on November 29th.

October 2005

LG and Sanyo know how to Satisfy Customers

by teleclick
The recent Wireless Mobile Phone Evaluation Study conducted by SD Power and Associates has ranked LG and Sanyo as the top two cell phone manufacturers in terms of customer satisfaction.

Nokia Targets New Phones to Emerging Markets

by teleclick
This Wednesday saw the release of four new Nokia handsets, two of which will be targeted at emerging markets, including Latin America, and parts of Asia.

Nokia vs. RIM: May the Best Company Win

by teleclick
It appears that Nokia’s recently announced E Series of mobile phones will soon be in direct competition with RIM’s BlackBerry line of cellular PDAs.

Samsung Releases Enterprise-Class VoIP Application

by teleclick
Samsung has just introduced OfficeServ, a new wireless VoIP application, which provides support for numerous voice and data functions.

Satellite Radio: The Birth of an Industry

by teleclick
This past summer has certainly been interesting one for the Canadian satellite radio industry. June 16 was the date that the technology behind satellite radio was officially made legal by the CRTC, but it was far from the end of the story.

Nokia Introduces Enterprise-Level Smartphones

by teleclick
As of this Wednesday, Nokia has introduced a new line of mobile smartphones, which are primarily targeted at enterprise-level IT departments, and will become available by early 2006.

September 2005

Rogers and Bell Team Up to Bring Wireless Broadband to Canada

by teleclick
Rogers Communications and Bell Canada, major competitors for cable and telephone customers in Canada, are planning to build a wireless broadband network across the country, with the help of Kirkland-based Clearwire.


by rudydw
Mobile Media Communications - RandomOne creates easy-to-use mobile messaging concepts and integrates the applications needed to enable every mobile user to interact with any media, anytime.

Rogers Pleased with VoIP Response

by teleclick
After only two months in the VoIP telephony business, Rogers Communications Inc. is happy with customer response so far, said CEO Edward Rogers Jr. on Tuesday.

The New iPhone Falls Short of Revolutionary

by teleclick
Although Apple and Motorola’s new iTunes cell phone is a great concept, and probably one that has significant potential, the recently reduced ROKR has, in many ways, failed to live up to the anticipation surrounding its release.

Siemens Gets Approval to Sell Mobile Phone Company

by teleclick
European Union regulators have approved Siemens AG’s plans to sell its unprofitable mobile phone business to Taiwan’s BenQ Corp.

iPhone to Hit Stores This Weekend

by teleclick
As expected, Apple has now officially announced the release of its new iTunes Phone. The phone, which can hold up to 100 songs, will be fully available in stores starting this weekend.

Apple Shares Up 5% with iPhone Anticipation

by teleclick
Shares in Apple (AAPL) were up $2.58 today (or 5%), closing at an impressive $48.80. Trading was almost twice the average volume, and took the company's share price into record terriroty.

Mobile VoIP Agreement Reached in Finland

by teleclick
Reports from Helsinki, Finland indicate that a final agreement has been reached regarding the transfer of cellular provider Saunalahti’s mobile phone traffic to the Elisa VoIP network.

August 2005

Cingular Expected to Sell Motorola’s iTunes Phone

by teleclick
Cingular Wireless, the number one wireless service in the US, is expected to reveal plans next week to sell Motorola’s new cell phone, which uses Apple Computer Inc.’s iTunes software to play music.

Appeal of CRTC Decision Threatens Canadian Satellite Radio

by teleclick
Canadian Satellite Radio, one of two companies that were licensed by the CRTC to operate subscription based satellite programming is now facing a major threat.

Future Uncertain for New iTunes Cell Phone

by teleclick
Recent reports indicate that the FCC has approved Motorola’s much anticipated iTunes cell phone, however, the future of the device is still uncertain.

“Sprint Nextel” Begins Trading

by teleclick
The newly combined Sprint Nextel corporation (NYSE: S) suffered a slight loss today as it began trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

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