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Exclusif : le streaming rapporte 35 fois plus que la radio par titre diffusé et par auditeur

by srcmax (via)

Selon les nouvelles données dont je dispose, le streaming ne rapporte pas cinq fois plus que la radio par titre diffusé et par auditeur, mais bel et bien 35 fois plus.

Goom Radio lève 9 millions d’euros

by srcmax (via)
GOOM Radio, la première radio numérique, lève 9 millions d’euros provenant de 3 grands fonds d’investissements en nouvelles technologies: ELAIA PARTNERS, PARTECH INTERNATIONAL et WELLINGTON PARTNERS



CSR Announces Possible IPO

by teleclick
Canadian Satellite Radio (CSR) is planning to open up an opportunity for those who wish to invest in the emerging industry of commercial-free satellite radio in Canada.

SIRIUS Hires New Senior VP of Investor Relations

by teleclick
SIRIUS Satellite Radio has announced that they are hiring telecommunications industry veteran, Paul Blalock to be their new Senior Vice President of Investor Relations.

XM Expected to Report Slight Third-Quarter Loss

by teleclick
XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. will be reporting its third-quarter financial results later today, and they are widely expected to declare a slight loss for the period.

Satellite Radio: The Birth of an Industry

by teleclick
This past summer has certainly been interesting one for the Canadian satellite radio industry. June 16 was the date that the technology behind satellite radio was officially made legal by the CRTC, but it was far from the end of the story.


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