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April 2007

Pres. Bush: Close Guantanamo Prison

by ycc2106
We call upon US President Bush to close Guantanamo Bay prison forever.

March 2006

February 2006 : Iraq's reality is blasting holes in ideological theory

by multilinko (via)
War has this nasty habit of being unpredictable. Those who start it invariably do so with optimism, but a full measure of unanticipated heartbreak then accompanies victory, to say nothing of defeat. Even allowing for the inevitability of the unexpected, there cannot have been many wars when the victor was so ill-prepared for triumph as the Americans in Iraq. As George Packer demonstrates in The Assassins' Gate: America in Iraq, his splendid and detailed account of life in Iraq under the occupation, just about every assumption the Bush administration made about the country was wrong.

Bush Is Running Out of Alibis - HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE

by zboog
If America is angry over what interventionism and free trade have wrought, George Bush cannot credibly blame isolationists or protectionists. These fellows have an alibi. They were nowhere near the scene of the crime. It is George W. Bush who is running o

January 2006

Bush Defends Spy Program and Denies Misleading Public - New York Times

by multilinko
President Bush continued on Sunday to defend both the legality and the necessity of the National Security Agency's domestic eavesdropping program, and he denied that he misled the public last year when he insisted that any government wiretap required a court order.

Bush Defends Spying Program As \'Necessary\' to Protect U.S.

by multilinko (via)
President Bush today mounted his third defense in two weeks of his secret domestic spying program, calling his order authorizing warrantless eavesdropping on U.S. citizens a limited, legal program that Americans understand is protecting their security.

Covert CIA Program Withstands New Furor

by multilinko
The effort President Bush authorized shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, to fight al Qaeda has grown into the largest CIA covert action program since the height of the Cold War, expanding in size and ambition despite a growing outcry at home and abroad over its clandestine tactics, according to former and current intelligence officials and congressional and administration sources.The broad-based effort, known within the agency by the initials GST, is compartmentalized into dozens of highly classified individual programs, details of which are known mainly to those directly involved.

November 2005

Torture's Terrible Toll - Newsweek National News -

by multilinko
Torture's Terrible Toll Abusive interrogation tactics produce bad intel, and undermine the values we hold dear. Why we must, as a nation, do better. By Sen. John McCain

WORLD VIEWS: U.S. losing friends over torture

by multilinko (via)
As news analyst Michael Gawenda, writing in the Australian daily the Age, noted incredulously, "When the president of the United States, under repeated questioning and under pressure, has to declare, as he did [during a stop in Panama], 'We do not torture,' you know that even his allies in Congress no longer believe him."

September 2005

August 2005

BBC NEWS | Magazine | The struggle over science

by multilinko (via)
In his weekly opinion column, Harold Evans considers rising concern in the US over the Bush administration's hostility to science.

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