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07 February 2019

Top Tips To Improve Email Marketing Response Rates

by arslan220
With new and advanced digital marketing tools constantly on the rise, e-mail still remains one of the most effective means to get your message across to a large client base in a very short time. With so many emails being sent on a daily basis, it becomes very difficult to ensure that your target customers respond to your emails in the desired manner. To do that, you need to keep in mind a few tried-and-tested email marketing tips that are sure to help you get the response you seek from your customers. Read on to get the top 5 tips to improve email marketing response rates.

04 February 2019

Ways to Build an Email List Fast

by arslan220
Every business looks to build an email list and they want to do it fast. The question arises, is it really necessary to build a list or there are other ways around. Let's take a look.

10 January 2019

Introducing SMTP Relay Service

by arslan220
My team and I have been working very hard day and night burning midnight oil to bring you a yet another powerful service. SMTP relay service allows you to use our SMTP channel to deliver your email campaigns.

26 December 2018

5 Reasons why Dedicated SMTP Relay Servers are Ideal for Enterprises with High Volume Email Needs

by arslan220
It is always believed that a dedicated SMTP relay server should be the first choice of businesses that intend to send unlimited messages to their customers. Below are the 5 reasons why dedicated SMTP relay servers are recommended for large enterprises having huge email needs.

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