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Using the Page Visibility API - Document Object Model (DOM) | MDN

by srcmax
The Page Visibility API lets you know when a webpage is visible or in focus. With tabbed browsing, there is a reasonable chance that any given webpage is in the background and thus not visible to the user. When the user minimizes the webpage or moves to another tab, the API sends a visibilitychange event regarding the visibility of the page. You can detect the event and perform some actions or behave differently. For example, if your web app is playing a video, it would pause the moment the user looks at another browser, and plays again when the user returns to the tab. The user does not lose her place in the video and can continue watching.


Surfin’ Safari - Blog Archive » Web Inspector Redesign

by Xavier Lacot
Safari's inspector has been redesigned a few months ago, but I didn't notice this. It looks pretty and rather efficient, I am gonna give it a try on our next project.

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