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HTML5 video markup, compatibility and playback

by ghis
The emerging HTML5 specification lifts video playback out of the generic object element and into specialized video handlers. Explicit markup for audio and video places elevates moving pictures to a similar native rendering capacity as img markup we are used to but with more fine-grained details about underlying formats and compression available before loading. In this post I will dive into implementation details of HTML5 video based on currently available consuming agents and outline some of the nuances of preparing media for playback.


Avec son navigateur, Microsoft explore aussi le HTML 5

by srcmax (via)

Et quid d'Internet Explorer ? Ce navigateur restera-t-il à jamais la plaie des développeurs web ? Selon Mark Pilrim, expert en accessibilité chez Google, probablement pas, et c'est une bonne nouvelle. Ce dernier rapporte en effet qu'Adrian Bateman, responsable d'Internet Explorer chez Microsoft, a ainsi déclaré : « Nous soutenons l'inclusion des élements audio et video au sein des spécifications (...) nous sommes en train de revoir les détails ».



AppleTV Flash Mashup

by springnet
fantastic video mashup... very compelling design and look feel.... cool


Free video download from youtube, google video, MySpace

by webzf & 1 other
Download Videos from YouTube, MySpace or Google Video. Surf the web, and when you find a video you'd like to download, simply copy the URL (Click on Address Bar -> right click -> Copy) and go to Tools/KeepV in your Internet Explorer to complete the operat

IE7 Release Elicits A Solid "Meh"

by GorillaSushi
As a FireFox user, I can't be bothered to care about such things. My day today will be much too full with gloating and elitism to worry about IE7. I will probably be starting more than a few sentences with "Did you know FireFox already..." I'll make people take note that IE7's new features such as tabbed browsing, and an integrated RSS feed reader have been an integral part of FireFox for quite a while. I love using the word "integral".


Rocketboom > Firefox vs Internet Explorer

by sunny & 3 others
"Vous préferez Internet Explorer ou Firefox ?" vidéo des gens interviewés dans la rue sur cette question :)

Rocketboom --- firefox vs ie

by stane & 3 others
what do you prefer?纽约街头随机采访

Vlog about firefox

by jackysee & 3 others (via)
街頭訪問人們用 IE 還是用 Firefox ?

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