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The minimal-ui meta tag in iOS 7.1 | Adventures (in code)

by srcmax
iOS7 brings us yet another meta tag to use – minimal-ui. You might be able to guess what it does – it hides the majority of the browser chrome when you load, much like when you scroll:


Kaazing Products and Platform | Kaazing

by oseres
Kaazing products power the Living Web – the dynamic, real-time, interactive, collaborative online world that has organically evolved into the norm. Building on the HTML5 WebSocket standard and extending WebSocket functionality to any browser or protocol, Kaazing products enable instantaneous, full-duplex delivery of content back and forth between any browser or mobile device and any backend service. The Kaazing product family is built on the Kaazing Platform, which provides a unified architecture for write once, use everywhere application development that can save vast amounts of both time and money in developing and deploying Rich Internet Applications. Whether exchanging content with mobile devices, browsers or other servers, the Kaazing Platform delivers the highest scalability, security and performance available in the market today.

The Responsinator

by 84GHz & 3 others (via)
Websites für mobile Geräte testen – Display and present responsive web designs

by 84GHz
Websites für verschiedene Geräte/Auflösungen testen


A Free Day of JavaScript on Mobile - January 27th, 2011

by marco
MJG International put on a free conference at Google HQ. With speakers covering topics such as the state of the mobile web, mobile javascript frameworks, browser performance and mobile best practices.

Mozilla : Web Applications

by Krome & 1 other
Web Applications are built using HTML5, and can run in any modern browser or mobile OS. Read on to learn how to build them:




by ycc2106
Mozilla's mobile browser - Built on the same core technology as Firefox, Fennec has many of the same great features as the desktop version


by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
A mobile augmented reality browser : using the camera of the phone, it displays additonnal informations on the screen


Mark Finkle’s Weblog » Fennec - M9 (User Experience Alpha)

by Xavier Lacot
Mozilla is releasing desktop versions of Fennec, the mobile version of Firefox targeted at being the concurrent of Iphone's Safari. As for the first tests, the user experience is rather convenient. It's w00t to be able to use flash on mobile devices!



by claus1960
Mobile Portal with finest selection of free international WAPsites (Asian Philosophy, Castles, Animal Signs, Martial Arts, Nature, Religion). Free mobile wallpapers (. Categories: Traffic news, Weather, Mobile Office, Events, Taxi, Petrol Stations, Shopping, Restaurants & Food, Hotels, Travel, Health, Religion, Schedules (Bus, Trains), Airlines & Airports, Sports - Outdoor, Games & Downloads, Cinema - Movies - TV, News (General), News (WAP, mobile), Dicitionaries, Read & Fun, Science - Learning, Stock Markets, Currencies, huge SEO section, Free Japanese Language Resources (JLPT, Kanji Crossword Puzzles, Online Match Games). WAP browsers & emulators. Mobile Access via WAP (OTA, over the air):

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