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Blink Title of Tab in Browser

by calipussoftware (via)
Did you ever notice that sometimes your tab title gets updated on it’s own while you are browsing websites in other tab. There are many websites that do it. For eg. you shall notice that GMAIL update the title tab with counter of total number of unread email, each time your receive a new email. It’s a good practice to notify your customer that – something has just happened which needs your attention. That way your customer would not loose that important task and you would not loose that customer. Sounds Great!!


IE Jsonではまった - とりあえず暇だったし何となく始めたブログ

by kunix (via)
Content-type: text/javascript とする。 eval("(" responseText ")"); と括弧でくくる。

Taffy DB : A JavaScript database for your browser

by loneseb & 2 others
Taffy DB is a free and opensource JavaScript library that acts as thin data layer inside Web 2.0 and Ajax applications.

Google Code Blog: How we improved performance on Google Code

by nhoizey
If you're a frequent visitor to for product updates and reference materials for Google APIs you're working with, you might have noticed that the page loading time (or page rendering time depending on how you see it) has reduced in varying


80+ AJAX-Solutions For Professional Coding | Developer's Toolbox

by ponsfrilus & 10 others
Web-developers can create amazing web-applications with AJAX. Stikkit, Netvibes, GMail and dozens of further web-projects offer a new level interactivity we've used to give up

XForms and Internet Applications: Ajax and progressive browser enhancement

by nhoizey
Yowl is a way of providing notifications to users of web applications, but in a way that the user themselves can control. It was inspired by Growl, which runs on the Mac

Asual » SWFAddress

by julie & 13 others
SWFAddress is a small script that sits on top of SWFObject and provides deep linking for Flash websites and applications. In other words it enables the Back, Forward and Reload buttons of the browser and creates unique URLs with page titles that can be sent over email or IM. SWFAddress uses the ExternalInterface functionality introduced in Flash Player 8 and comes with a technique that enables search engine indexing for deep Flash links.


by camel & 5 others
We're creating the Next Generation of Web Publishing. Come Join Us! New - cool Old - boring Totally browser based AJAX mashup construction - anywhere, any PC Social, collaborative publishing with friends, teams, consultants DIY superstore of components, widgets, templates to construct with

Wie geil Internet Explorer sein k?nnte

by bit2bit
Internet Explorer ist der meistgenutzte Browser und fast jeder hat schon mal mit IE zu tun gehabt. Diese Dominanz bedeutet auch, dass man sich als Webentwickler unbedingt mit IE beschäftigen muss ...


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